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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the services?

Well, everyone who produces anything in writing!

Written words are of interest, irrespective of the nature of the work.

First of all, there are books and e-books. Fiction, non-fiction, short or long works, poetry... everything's good by e-scribes. Every genre, too, is interesting. I have vast experience in thrillers and psychological suspense, erotica, romance, young adult, science fiction and dystopian novels and novellas, but edit happily outside these genres.

While book editing is the mainstay of editors' work, student theses, essays, job applications, reports and presentations, letters, complaints, blogs and all manner of documents can all use editing.

If your writing's not a book, just email editor@e-scribes.com and anniejai222@hushmail.com (both addresses in this case) for a quote. Feel free to attach your document if you wish.

Will you edit my book?

Probably, as long as you approve the sample edits (where provided in bespoke quotes only) and agree to the fee and payment terms. 

Either buy a standard-priced edit via the Web Shop or request an editing sample and timed editing trial, with a bespoke quote. In the latter case, fill in the Submissions Proposal Form. Email your manuscript to: editor@e-scribes.com

Ensure you get a personal (non-automated) reply inside 24 hours. Failing that, email my personal email address, to be sure I received your query! It's anniejai222@hushmail.com

Send your manuscript the same day as any Submission Proposal Form, (where one's being sent).

Of course, if you placed your order via the Shop -- and not via the bespoke quote system -- and have paid for your editing, take your time in delivering the work. I will be in touch within 24 hours, to confirm everything and chat about timings.

What if my work offends you?

That won't happen. I am a broadminded editor, very used to all subject matter. Try me.

It's not an editor's place to judge you on your content. I'm only concerned with how I can polish up your work to be the best it can be, no matter what it comprises.

However, if I think your content is potentially too risky for publication for some reason, and could get you banned from Amazon or any other platform, I will tell you by email without being judgmental. We can chat about it on Skype or on the telephone. It will be an open discussion, and we can work together on how to take it forward in the best way possible.

Being a helpful editor goes beyond correcting spelling and grammar; I want all my authors to be successful, so if I can assist, I will.

I'll also tell you about any perceived issues I spot before continuing with the editing, just in case you want to change your mind; there's absolutely no sense in me editing something you might choose not to run with. However, in most cases, changes of key words and titles are enough to stop problems, or we can decide in which categories you'll list your book for sale, to avoid it getting 'red-flagged'.

I'm in the United States. You're British; can you edit for me?

Absolutely. I edit in British English or American English equally well. e-scribes' Clients live all over the world.

Will you be negative about my work?

No. I encourage 'my' authors and just edit away issues, ensuring your book's ready to go live when you get the script returned. I can honestly say I've never failed to enjoy a document sent to me.

The most difficult pieces to edit are those from writers for whom English is a foreign language, but I crack on and get it done. I still enjoy the work even if it means longer days. The diversity of work sent to editors is fascinating.

You'll also decide if you want editorial critique or just changes to accept or reject. If you don't ask for critique, you'll just get back a great edit, ready to run.

Will my editing disappear into a black hole?

No. You'll know if your script is accepted into the editing queue as I'll write back within 24 hours--I'll be looking to get it back to you within your specified timing, usually faster.

It's not uncommon for authors who give advance notice of work deadlines, to get their manuscripts back inside a few days. I love to be fully immersed in a script and work all-nighters quite frequently!

How many authors have been unhappy with their edits?


I've never had a single complaint after sending edits back. I show testimonials from named authors on this site, to show what they say. There's no hiding behind anonymous reviews.

When you order, you'll tell me whether you want 'corrections only' or whether I should enhance the read where possible.

In the latter case, because I use MS Word's 'Track Changes', you'll just reject stylistic changes you dislike. Nobody's going to make a takeover bid on your work. 

However, even having explained all this, I've only ever had delighted authors and want to keep things that way. If a client were less than happy, I'd be utterly miserable.

Will you hassle me while editing?


Silence is what my authors should expect, aside from keeping you updated on progress. It's rare I have to email an author after starting work.

You can hand your work over and I'll send it back in great shape with no trouble to you at all.

What submissions formats do you accept?

I prefer to ask for submissions in Microsoft Word. It makes life simple.

Please send your work as a .doc or .docx. 

I can--of course--also edit Powerpoint documents or anything in a different Microsoft program. I'm more than willing to chat about other software you use, if you have no access to Microsoft programs. I'd rather that than lose a new client.

The sole reason for my Microsoft preference is that I use a PC to edit, not a Mac, and I'm used to using the Track Changes function. 

In fact, I work on a series of rather old, well-loved Samsung Ultrabooks, all on Windows 7! I just replace bits on these every so often, ha.

A final note: I don't like to receive links to cloud-based documents. Just send attachments, please. 

I'm worried my work's too short to edit. It's just two pages.

Not a problem. Diversity is good--and fun--for editors.

Words are words. If they need editing, I'd love to help. 

Rates are calculated according to how long it will take to do the work, always at a competitive price. I don't care if it takes five minutes or five weeks.

Clients who begin by sending small tasks grow into ongoing buyers. It's all fantastic news for e-scribes