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Passive Income Streams: How to Create and Profit from Passive Income Even If You're Cash-Strapped and a Little Bit Lazy (But Motivated)! -- Kristi Patrice Carter J. D. -- Submitted for consideration on August 7th, 2016




When we were asked to consider this book for a review, stomachs sank among the reviewing editors. Would we really propose to the reviewing panel, a book that was one of those?
You know--one of those!


Over the years we have seen so many how to lie on a beach and still earn money books, and almost all have been utter tosh. We'd never review one and say so, of course; that sort of book just isn't for us. They are often along the get-rich-quick lines, lots of hype, little or no content delivery, and filled with 'just sign up to our course at $100 a month', ha. They are often written by other people via some cheap I will write your book for nothing service; I guess that happens while the 'author' is lying on a beach somewhere ...


Well, anyway, none of that has anything to do with this book; as soon as two of our editors started reading, e-mails flew.


'Not a bad book, this, is it!'

'No, not a bad book at all...not what I expected. No fluff!'




'Bloody good book, this. Hard work, tonnes of research.'

'Yup. I'm impressed; this must have taken a lot of effort. And, surprise; the links even work!'

'This author deserves a five-star rating, don't you think?'


We both ended up reading through to the end in one hit; of course, we haven't read every single word as we haven't time given how many books are in the queue, but there's been more than enough content digested in every chapter to say it's well-written, well-edited, and--more than anything--amazingly well-researched. To draft a book of this quality and depth, comprising such insightful and, frankly, weighty 'how to' information, takes one hell of an effort. We are not sure we could do it. Really.


The chapters are all-encompassing. When I started reading, I was thinking: I bet my methods don't come up. WRONG!


They did, all three of them, and the methodology insights were excellent, leaving nothing unturned really. The guidelines are practical and solid, the steps clear and clean. It feels as if the author is talking directly to the reader, without hype or condescension, and she draws on her many experiences to illustrate how the goals can be set, measured and then realised.


Ms. Carter also says quite clearly that even 'passive' income streams are not entirely so. She isn't leading people to believe it's magic.


Each method requires some set-up and effort at some stage, some of them throughout the lifespan of the income stream, but time input is minimal and all the goals achievable. Of course, you set your own goals but what I mean is, there's none of that I had nothing yesterday, but today I bought a $1m house and paid cash stuff. It's realistic, all the way through.


Well done, Ms. Carter.


Our scores:


Visual appeal: 4/5

Storyline (Content): 5/5

Dialogue: N/A (hence final scores are /15, not /20)

Editing and proofreading: 4.5/5


Final Score : 14/15


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