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Once Upon a One Night Stand: A Romance Series (Lover Book 1) -- D. N. Hoxa -- Submitted for consideration on August 3rd, 2016

The author resides in: Kosovo

Reviewed on November 7th, 2016

Our editor said:

We loved this book and it gives the impression of coming from a writer who just can’t help but write. It shows. We’ll wager there’s barely a day on which this author doesn’t write something.

We are asked to review many books that seem a little stilted when it comes to dialogue, but Dori Hoxa has hers to a fine art. She just knows how to do it, and it means a fair few laugh-loud moments and a nodding smile as the inner voice speaks, yes, that’s what he’d have said.

You will find this book causes you to experience the full swathe of emotions, from a simple feel-good to disappointment, plenty of frustration, and at times, annoyance.

The protagonist, London, turns out to be more complex than at first appears and she can evoke all these feelings herself; she is beautifully drawn and an enticing character able to hold attention throughout. London is joined by other well-rounded, sharp characters in the form of her circle of friends.

The storyline is a simple one, which we say with positivity; the ease with which it unfolds and becomes all-engrossing is something many writers can only aspire to.

A young woman encounters a man who becomes a--very steamy--one-night-stand. 

Wisely, she deliberately keeps her life clear of complexity and complication—well until that same man shows up at her workplace, that is. Isn’t that just one hell of a moment? Our reviewer found herself thinking—oh, that’d be my typical luck!

The unfolding relationship between Liam and London is wry, amusing and cheeky. It pulls in humour at every possibility, teasing with scenes we can envisage happening. While I agree with some readers that perhaps London needs to grow up a little, well that’s just life, isn’t it? There are women just like London—quirky, dizzy, impulsive and immature, and how they see the world is nicely explored here. 

The author developed a character who took on her own wilfulness and personality, and that character ran away with the book! Sometimes this happens, and it’s great; it means Hoxa has drawn a living, breathing soul whose antics maybe the author doesn’t even predict at the point of the words hitting the screen. London matures throughout the story and we can breathe a sigh of relief!

Sex scenes are spared no detail but are well-written and add to the story. What starts out as a simple, naughty flirtation grows to a torrent, emulating the real-life ‘took me by storm’ sort of relationship.

The one aspect our reviewer felt unsure of was how myriad inner thoughts play out as London’s monologue; it did not detract too much but perhaps could be reworked and simplified, as at times this proved a little distracting. However, there are moments where this technique also really comes to life, adding a greater dimension to the unfolding story and preventing the protagonist ever appearing ‘flat’.

There will be times you’ll want to shake London and say what the hell are you doing, woman? That’s the beauty of this romance; it will grow as it grows, and there’s not a thing we can do about it—and that’s real life too, isn’t it? For all the best intentions in the world, when we fall for someone, we can’t put the brakes on despite any inner voices trying to wrestle us away or make us behave more sensibly.

As a first-in-series, this is a fabulous beginning with an uplifting tone, and any author who can so cleverly interweave humour, sarcasm, romance and eroticism so cleverly is worth further reading.

Nicely done, Ms. Hoxa.

Our scores:

Visual appeal: 4/5

Storyline (Content): 4/5

Dialogue: 5/5

Editing and proofreading: 4.5/5


Final Score : 17.5 / 20


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