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Midnight Over Moores (The Children of Carmen Chronicles Book 1) -- A M H Johnson -- Submitted for consideration on August 3rd, 2016

The author resides in: USA

REVIEWED on August 5th, 2016.

I was drawn to this book from the first few lines, which was something of a surprise. Well, the whole book turned out to be something of a surprise, too.

The blurb did not pull me in, admittedly, and that’s no criticism whatsoever of the storyline, nor of the way it had been depicted in the description.

It was more a case of not really enjoying tales involving high school, possibly since my own was deadly dull and my thoughts have moved so far from all that.

So, it was somewhat reluctantly that I agreed to look over this script for e-Scribes’ new review program. Well, approximately two paragraphs in, and I was hooked. Now that’s rather good writing, isn’t it? The sort of writing that lulls you into a false sense of security, a ‘no way will I enjoy this’ feeling, before it drops you into a sticky quagmire of begrudging enjoyment, and holds you there, writhing.

How did I get there?

From the tenderness at the outset, one cannot really imagine how things are going to unfold for the protagonist and how the move to a new school will come to awaken not only new life encounters and relationships for Jenna, but also reveal glimpses into other worlds better left unseen. Through these experiences the reader will travel with Jenna as she learns more about dark truths, as well as about her family and herself.

This book will transport you; you’ll be there on the actual journey, all the way, whether you wish to be or not. You’ll feel the woodland around you, breathe in the air of the dorm rooms, feel the fear and weep the tears. The writing is skilful and the scene-setting deeply alluring and—at times—disturbing. Small features are caught, ensnared and framed as if they are there in the lens of a microscope; you’ll read things you think are just perfectly ‘drawn’, that other authors might well skip past. The storyline remains strong.

Dialogue, too, is crafted, the voices distinct and never faltering from one character to the next. The editing is good; we spotted only a few errors and the overall standard of presentation was high. There are a few areas in which dialogue presentation and formatting could have been improved for a better reader experience but, by and large, it's well done.

This is a great introduction to this author and can be enjoyed by anyone from teens upwards.

Our scores:

Visual appeal: 3.5/5

Storyline: 4/5
Dialogue: 4/5
Editing and proofreading: 3.5/5

Final Score : 15/20


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