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Line Editing

This section describes line editing; however, as I said in the Copy Editing section, I treat both types of editing broadly the same in pricing terms. It certainly makes life less complicated for clients.

Try to read both sections so you get the full picture.

So, what's line editing?  

This means going over each sentence line by line, ensuring everything flows, makes sense, stays consistent, and isn't repetitive or stilted. Catching stylistic weaknesses and clumsy word order are as vital as correcting spelling mistakes and grammatical slip-ups.

It's common for line editors to make as many as six changes to one line, especially where the writer isn't a native English speaker.

A note on editors' fees

e-scribes currently offers discounted rates for two reasons:

a) to boost client numbers after not advertising since 2016; 

b) to help out authors and writers of all material types.

It's hard work to attain a high standard of editing skills. Bearing this in mind, buyers need to be fair, that's all. I say this for every editor, as we all have those, 'Can you do 60,000 words for £100?' enquiries.

Consider the market in which the editor resides; what's a reasonable income there? How long does it take to edit 60,000 words? 

While I keep rates as low as possible, I am not looking to work with people who want their editing on a shoestring. 'Affordable' is great, but 'cheap' is something else entirely.

The editing you'll receive from me is delivered at a standard traditional publishing houses would approve. It gives you the best chance to get noticed.

Submit the Submissions Proposal Form to ask for a timed trial edit, with a bespoke costing. 

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Does your manuscript flow like a dream? If not, it may need line editing.

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