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Copy Editing

A Note...

don't get bogged down in whether work needs line editing (onerous) or copy editing (standard). Just buy 'editing.' Job done. 

I'm describing the different editing types so you know what I can deliver. However, I offer a comprehensive copy edit that traverses into a line edit wherever needed. Don't worry about the nuances--leave all that to me.

You can order a copy edit--upgraded to line editing at no extra charge, where required--via the Web Shop. It gives you all necessary work for the same price.

The best authors secure even lower fees than those in the Web Shop by sending manuscript samples ahead. I then run a timed trial to offer preferential rates to accomplished writers.

What's Copy Editing?

It's correcting spelling and grammar, eradicating clumsy phraseology, unnecessary words and repetition, and enhancing structure and flow. You'll avoid embarrassing fatal flaws for which authors pick up those dreaded, damning reader reviews.

Copy editing doesn't change and develop storylines or check facts; inconsistencies are flagged but I won't mess with your plot and characters.

Nobody really needs 'one of those' editors to whom you give your work and then don't recognise it when it comes back.

Your work remains yours. Even where I make enhancements at your request, it's be done by picking up your unique voice and continuing in that voice. When you read my suggested changes, you should feel I am, essentially, you!

For a timed editing trial to ensure the best possible price, send a Submissions Proposal Form followed by your manuscript as an email attachment to editor@e-scribes.com. 

Otherwise, go ahead and place a Web Shop order if you prefer.

Should you submit something and not receive a personal, non-automated response within 24 hours, resend your email to anniejai222@hushmail.com, my personal address. 

Left: Annie Jenkinson, Editor