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Contacting Annie

Hover your cursor on 'Contact Us' main header, and ensure you see the drop-down sub-headers to complete a request for  'Editing & Proofreading', 'Bespoke Writing' or 'Book Reviews'.

While by no means mandatory, it's helpful to complete the relevant online form as it gives me all I need to help you, free of to-ing and fro-ing.

I can then respond quickly and with all the right level of detail; there'll be no need to trouble you with further questions before I send a price and full response.

Don't see the drop-downs?

You're probably using a mobile device that's throwing a hissy fit. Pop an email to Annie at: editor@e-scribes.com. 

Should 24 hours elapse and you've not had a personal (non-automated) response, forward your email to
anniejai222@hushmail.com, Annie's personal email address.

In a hurry?

Place a super-fast order without any emailing and pre-quoting, via the Shop*

*Do read the About page first, though, as placing a Shop order could lose you any 'great writer' discounts available by submitting samples for a bespoke costing. It's all explained in About.

If that doesn't matter to you, by all means go ahead and pay via the Shop. Then you'll know you're already on the editing list as a priority.

General Contact Information


Email: editor@e-scribes.com / submissions@e-scribes.com

If you are having any issue obtaining a reply, you can then also send one email to anniejai222@hushmail.com, as every email is guaranteed to be received at this address.

Hours of Operation

Mon-Fri: 1300-0400 (!)

Sat: 1300-0300

Sun: 1500-0300