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Coconut Iced Coffee (Cupid's Coffeeshop Book 8) -- Courtney Hunt -- Submitted for consideration on August 5th, 2016

The author resides in: USA

REVIEWED on August 5th, 2016

This little short story only took an hour or so to read, so it was a 'no brainer' when it was presented for a review. I read it straight away.

The title was appealing; doesn't everyone desire a coconut-iced coffee? It made me think of the Caribbean, and, funnily enough, that's exactly where I found myself thirty minutes after beginning the read. The story is a simple one, but effective, and as another reviewer has said--it's sweet. As sweet as coconut ice, in fact.

In that short hour, young protagonist Zooey--part-owner of a coffeeshop, inherited after the death of her grandma--is sent away from her aching coffeeshop quandary into a new world.

It's one in which she is soon to encounter the enticing Charlie Lyons, who falls in love with her on the Caribbean shores. It's the love of Zooey's family that has delivered a trip of a lifetime, and little did anyone imagine that, soon, she'd be bringing home a suitor. Well, he brings himself, but she's the alluring temptation he chooses to follow.

There is no chaos, angst or trauma in this book, no swearing, no aggression, and all that's got to be a great thing. The fact it was so free of stress and negativity meant I could really relax into it after a tiring day that isn't over yet.

This novella provided the perfect break; the only thing missing is that Charlie Lyons isn't at my side, drawing tiny circles on the back of my hand with his fingers, telling me how much he wants me. No, I am still alone here, holed up in a dodgy hotel on the motorway in the UK, with two Persian cats--but I am all the richer for knowing that Zooey and Charlie managed to 'get it together'!

This is quite an innocent book. Yes, there is a single sex scene but it is tastefully depicted, respectful and sensitive.

The book per se shows how small dreams can have big, lasting outcomes and that surprises can be delivered in a heartbeat, when you believe you have nothing to look forward to.

I love the fact these Cupid's Coffeeshop books can be read so quickly; they are a much-needed escape from the realities we face every day, and quite a tonic. Better than a cool coffee.

On the downside, what can we say? Really, nothing! The story is well-presented, beautifully worded and I like the line drawings and the cover. This is a good, thoughtful short romance with an uplifting, happy tone.

Our scores:

Visual appeal: 4/5
Storyline: 4/5
Dialogue: 5/5
Editing and proofreading: 4/5

Final Score : 17/20


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