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The Furry Sub-Editor

Posted by submissions@e-scribes.com on July 3, 2018 at 8:15 AM

I would like to introduce you all to the furry sub-editor, Snoober. 

When I began editing several years back, my old boy Mungo--a very funny little Persian cat--was still alive. It was always his job to sub-edit.

That involved onerous tasks such as sitting and typing on the keyboard, shouting, "Naff!"--yes, he really did type and "naff!"--and rummaging among all the manuscripts to see if they were worth taking on or not. Periodically, he'd bite me if I tried to move him off the keyboard when he was especially engrossed in editing.

I miss Mungo dreadfully, but he left behind his "sister", now also in old age. She is Grubby, also known as Snoober--a white/silver Persian chinchilla. Snoober has taken over where Mungo left off, although she doesn't shout anything at all, unfortunately. I suspect she thinks it breaks her focus. She's more the silent type of cat that gets on with things.

What she does do is inspect every paper version or on-screen script, having learned the techniques from The Mungler. She only came late to sub-editing but she's doing a mighty fine job.

This week--it's now 3rd July, 2018--she's stubbornly stared at the screen while I've been editing an author's fifth novel in sci-fi. Her fat head and pointy little ears are often in the way of the screen.

I'm not sure she's too keen on science fiction. It's certainly not her favourite as there isn't much mention of chicken in sci-fi. Her face often looks a bit screwed up, so that could be due to the genre... or the errors? Maybe I shuffle about too much... who knows?

For those who are wondering... yes, she does get remunerated--in treats. Her current favourite brand is Harrington's. The occasional chicken wing, lightly grilled, doesn't go amiss either.

Bribes are welcome, she says, and she's considering a second career in book reviewing, depending on the side perks.

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