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My passion is for writing and editing psychological suspense; I'm proud to say I wrote a near-bestseller! The book authors for whom I work are mostly in thrillers/suspense, romance, erotica and science fiction but I love to edit all genres.

I'm based in the U.K. but my clients are global. I'll work in American English or British English according to authors' preferences.

I first took up editing in 2015 after self-publishing my novel.

Traditional publishers started emailing, asking me to place my later novels with them; this showed how good editing could open doors, bypassing the need to send out wretched, stinking query letters! (The only problem is, I'm so busy editing that I haven't completed another novel since).

Via publishers' referrals, authors themselves started coming for editing help; I've now edited more than 60 published or self-published books. I haven't had a single moan from any client!

I also love editing university theses, corporate presentations and reports, companies' draft marketing materials and even the occasional love letter. You write it; I'll edit it.

How I Price My Editing

I prefer not to price according to numbers of words; that can be unfair to you even if I make available in the Shop--at authors' request--a few off-the-peg editing items. 

As one example, let's say you write 50,000 words but your standard's so high that it's just two days' editing; you'd be entitled to a fee of around £450, extremely low for a full edit and a massive saving over Shop rates.

On the other hand, buy off-the shelf if your work needs lots of editing. Once you've bought something via the Shop, I never increase the price.

To calculate bespoke fees, I request a long sample of your book and run a timed editing trial. You receive that free, to see if you like my edits.

email: editor@e-scribes.com

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