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I'm Annie Jenkinson, an established freelance editor trading under e-scribes. Primarily, I edit novels for independent authors selling on Amazon, but enjoy working on all manner of documents.

I also love to write for clients but most of this website focuses on editing services.

It's all in the editing...

and established writers are among my clientele. I relish hearing from potential customers, irrespective of your job size or writing type.

While I usually work on books, I'll happily edit anything. That includes medical market reports, essays, presentations, theses, and students' college applications. Students are as welcome as any established author. 

I help where I can, keeping rates especially low for those who show they're at school or college.

There's no reason why editing should always be about novels, even if it's an editor's staple work.

Read more in the About section, or drop a line.

28th June, 2018

email: editor@e-scribes.com

(Left: Annie Jenkinson, 2018)

More About Me:

"I love:

- my amazing authors! I never tire of reading clients' work, no matter whether it's a book, an essay, a short story, or even a love letter they simply mustn't mess up!

- my hand-reared chinchilla Persian cat, Snoober. I delivered her and reared her myself; she's my shadow and simply too cute. At 15 years of age, she's ancient for a Persian. Whenever I'm editing, Snoober isn't far away.

- global travel. Freelance editing lets me take off at a moment's notice, and my dream is to flit the U.K. and live under the palm trees! I'd also love to travel more and meet many of my worldwide authors."