Editing - Proofreading 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the services?

All independent authors, irrespective of the type of script or how you'll publish. Fiction, non-fiction, short or long works are all welcome.

It's a crime to allow a good book to get away unpublished (or to fail due to poor or no editing). 

Will you edit my book?

Probably, as long as you like the sample edits and you agree to the fee and payment terms. 

To find out, fill in the Submissions Proposal Form. Then email your manuscript to:

Send your manuscript at the same time as the Submission Proposal Form, give or take an hour or so.

If the script is accepted, Annie will quote a fixed fee based on how long it will take to edit your work. A proposed editing slot will also be offered. 

If that's all acceptable, she'll deliver the free editing sample of 5,000 words of a novel, or 10% of a short work. If you like the test edits, please fund your commissioned project within twenty-four hours to reserve the timeslot you were offered.

Please note; if you don't commission the work with e-Scribes, you should not use the edits provided in the sample. Editors' styles differ markedly, so the chance of two editors coming up with exactly the same suggested changes is zero. 

Image below: Vision - Kate Ter Haar. www.flickr.com