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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the services?

We welcome all independent authors, irrespective of the type of script or how you'll publish.

Nobody likes a good story to get away.

Will you edit my book?

Probably! Fill in the Submissions Proposal Form. Then email your manuscript to:

or [email protected]

Or both addresses if you want to be doubly sure! 

If in any doubt whether we received your form, email us! Ensure we get the script at the same time as the Submission Proposal Form (give or take an hour or so!). Then give us two days to come back to you, though usually we are faster.

If we accept, we'll quote a fixed fee and if that's acceptable, we'll deliver the free editing sample of 5,000 words of a novel, or 10% of a short work. Fund your commissioned project within twenty-four hours.

Could I book editing right away?

Yes, via the Web Store. Just find the product closest to your word count.

If you want your work to be considered and edited ahead of other scripts, go ahead and fund it. We'll consider it straight away. If we reject it for any reason, we'll refund in full the same day as the declension.

Clients paying ahead can book editing for specific dates or leave things open to send the script when it's ready. In the latter case, we'll give it top priority as soon as feasible once you send it in.

Funding ahead means your work jumps to the head of the queue for consideration and editing. 

Image below: Vision - Kate Ter Haar. www.flickr.com