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Proofreading is the last stage pre-publication, and catches those pesky errors that, despite much self-editing, slipped through the net. That's it! That's all it is.

At e-Scribes, however, we don't get too bogged down in which precise type of editing you need. Whatever it is, we do it! 

While we do detail the editing types available (because authors like to see we do know the difference, ha!) we are really just charging you to do whatever it takes to polish up your book. We're not going to get halfway through your script and come back to you complaining that what began as a copy-edit has become a line edit. We just crack on... happily. 

Having said that, if you're quite sure your book is quite polished already, we will be able to agree a lower fee for the proofread.

Visit the Submissions Proposal Form; it takes five minutes to complete the form and send a script.

Manuscript ready to go? Ensure it's flaw-free by sending it for proofreading.

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