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Line Editing

Line editing is the most onerous editing task so usually the most costly--USUALLY! Read on...

It involves going over each sentence--line by line--ensuring everything flows, makes sense and stays consistent. 

A line edit also corrects stylistic weaknesses to be sure the reader grasps exactly what you intend, and it often means considerable rewrites.
At e-Scribes, we don't get bogged down in charging more for different types of editing. We often end up line-editing on a (low!) copy-edit fee. C'est la vie! It all evens out in the end; some books take less work, some take more.

While we do detail the editing types available, we are just charging to do whatever it takes to polish up your book; we're not going to get halfway through and come back complaining that what began as a copy-edit has become a line edit. We crack on... happily. 

Submit manuscripts via the Submissions Proposal Form and we'll recommend a route and a fee; oh, send the script too, to:
Does your manuscript flow like a dream? If not, it may need line editing.

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