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Line Editing

Line editing is the most onerous editing task so usually the most costly. If your book needs line editing right the way through, that takes longer so is priced more highly. However, e-Scribes will always strive to be competitive.

A line edit involves going over each sentence--literally line by line--ensuring everything flows, makes sense and stays consistent. It's not uncommon for a line edit to find as many as six errors in a single line, especially where the writer is not a native English speaker. All errors will be caught but, beyond that, a good line edit also corrects stylistic weaknesses and clumsy word order.
e-Scribes quotes fees based on the anticipated length of time required to edit a book/script. To make your quote fair and accurate, ensure you send the exact script you'll need e-Scribes to edit.

It doesn't matter if it's in its roughest state; an editor can already see what level of English you'll deliver, and price accordingly. 

Please understand that line editing is time consuming; while e-Scribes takes it on very happily, the work must offer the editor a viable rate; editors do have overheads like anyone else! 

We'll offer as low a rate as possible but as an example, it's not going to be possible to do an 'English as a second language' line edit that takes a full week, for £100--as one author recently requested! We don't know anyone who works a full week for £100, ha...do you?  

If 'editors' offer that sort of rate--what quality of work are they delivering? Are you sure it will enhance your book?

Submit the Submissions Proposal Form and we'll recommend a route and a fee. Please send the script too, to: 
Does your manuscript flow like a dream? If not, it may need line editing.

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