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Copy Editing

Copy Editing

While e-Scribes describes the different editing forms so you can understand them, we don't get bogged down in whether your work needs a line edit or a copy edit. You'll have been quoted on the basis of how long it will take to turn around your work, and that quote will include whatever editor Annie thinks is necessary to improve your writing.

Extra time spent on "challenging" edits is all balanced out by the "easy" ones. If we start with a basic copy edit but find areas that need line editing--working word by word--that doesn't mean your editor comes back to you moaning. A job accepted is a job accepted; it will be edited fully and returned in as good a shape as possible.

You get to accept or reject changes as everything's logged in MS Word's "Track Changes" function. We pass back minimal work for the author to do. Instead of sending an appraisal asking you to think about your pacing in a given scene, for example, you'll find your editor has suggested and integrated a new route you can simply accept or reject.

What is Copy Editing?

Copy editing is correcting spelling and grammar, eradicating clumsy phraseology, unnecessary words and repetition, and enhancing structure and flow. It ensures you avoid embarrassing fatal flaws for which ebooks pick up those dodgy online reviews.

A copy editing service doesn't involve changing storylines or checking facts; inconsistencies in the plot will be flagged to you but we don't mess with your plot and characters.

To request a quote, send us a Submissions Proposal Form followed by your manuscript as an email attachment to [email protected]

Even if your script is still in its roughest state, don't worry; it will usually give a good idea of your work quality, sufficient to give a fixed price for a full edit when you're done. 

It's quite possible to ascertain a writer's standards from a first draft script. However, if you're worried it will show you in a bad light, just add a note that this is a rough manuscript. Remember, every author has roughs so it's nothing to be ashamed of!

Manuscript riddled with spelling or grammatical faux-pas? You need a copy editor.

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