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About e-Scribes

e-Scribes: Encouraging, affordable, indie editing.

As an author, e-Scribes' Editor Annie has encountered many indies whose generally good, self-published books don't have a chance of doing well, often because they need editing!

In August 2016, Annie set up e-Scribes to help clients who self-publish. e-Scribes can help anyone who writes. The aim is to provide authors with high quality editing, with none of the associated submission fear! You don't need to worry about your book getting picked apart; it is e-Scribes' job to make it the best it can be, not to criticise it and pull you down. We'll simply get stuck in and do a great edit without moaning and groaning at authors for their errors.

Editing is undertaken against a competitive daily rate rather than per word or line, since the quality of writers' output varies greatly. A writer turning out consistent, high quality work might only need a half day's editing, whereas someone writing in English as a second language could require a full week from their editor for the same number of written words.

Please drop a line and send your proposed manuscript or at least a ten-page sample. The work you send should be the actual script for which you're requesting editing.

The longer your sample script, the more accurate the pricing will be, as Annie doesn't then need to hazard a guess at how consistent you'll be; some authors begin well and let their standards slip towards the end of a book, so again, we pricing will be more accurate and competitive if Annie can see your work adheres to the same standard throughout--whatever that standard might be!